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Co-creating Climate Services for Care Economy and Caring Society

The CoCareSociety Junior Research Group is part of the Helmholtz Center Hereon Germany and offers new interdisciplinary research field on climate services for health.

The main objectives of CoCareSociety are to understand the interrelations between climate change, long-term care and health of the elderly, and their energy efficiency in the living environment to contribute co-create synergies and actionable solutions to the health- climate-energy nexus.


CoCareSociety aims to help seniors find health protection and energy saving solutions for energy shortages.
Photo: Pixabay / giselaatje

The expected outcomes are the co-development of win-wins for senior citizens’ health care, energy efficiency, and climate services, for instance, energy saving measures in elderly care institutions, which pay back in a short time, and increase living quality and comfort for the elderly through climate services.

Discover the project!
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Prof Dr Kristie Ebi, CoCareSociety Partner - CHanGE

This short video introduces the CoCareSociety project.

The Objective

… is to develop a new type of climate services for preparing for the long-term demographic change, climate change, future energy demands and future living and well-being.

Research questions

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How are factors of climate change, energy efficiency, and long-term care and health of senior citizens interconnected?

CoCare Grafik 2

How can health-energy-climate nexus measures maximise heath, resilience, sustainability, and economic outcomes to create synergies for future ageing societies and care economies?

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How can future age-friendly living be compatible with future climate, climate extremes and stay still affordable in terms of health, care and energy?


Dr. Jo-Ting Huang-Lachmann
Dr. Jo-Ting Huang-Lachmann

Group Leader

Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon

Phone: +49 40 226 338-413

Fax: +49 40 226 338-163

E-mail contact

Fischertwiete 1
20095 Hamburg


CoCareSociety would like to thank the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the BMBF Junior Research Group funding support and the project management support from the German Aerospace Center (DLR).