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Work Packages

Description of work

DAHLIAS is divided in 8 work packages (WP). 7 WP’s are dedicated to design, test and analysis of joints with and without adhesive employing refill Friction Stir Spot Welding (Refill FSSW) to thin aluminium sheets as well as to design, manufacture and test of a large scale demonstrator.

  • WP 1: Testing of RFSSW joints without adhesive
  • WP 2: Selection of adhesive bond for RFSSW process
  • WP 3: Process parameter optimization in RFSSW of similar AA 2024 and AA 7075 alloys with adhesive sealant
  • WP 4: Comparative tests of RFSSW joints with conventional joints
  • WP 5: Develop manufacturing and inspection specification and requirements for RFSSW joints
  • WP 6: Design, manufacture and tests of the demonstrator fixtures
  • WP 7: Design, manufacture and tests of demonstrator produced by RFSSW with adhesive bond
  • WP 8: Management, dissemination and exploitation
Dahlias Wp Flow