Daniel Pröfrock

Personal Data & Research Fields


Daniel Pröfrock is an environmental scientist at the Hereon Institute of Coastal Environmental Research, near Hamburg. His research fields include the development of integrative sampling techniques for the determination of elements and element species in the marine environment and the implementation of new techniques for the quantification of marker proteins.

Daniel Pröfrock has published more than 40 publications in peer reviewed journals and three book chapters.

Daniel Pröfrock is member of the GDCh (Expert group Analytical Chemistry), the DAAS and the ICES Working Groups WGBEC and ICES WKPSPD). He was member of the Advisory Board for Metallomics (2010-2016). In 2011 he was awarded the distinguished Bunsen-Kirchhoff Prize for Analytic Spectroscopy.

His current research and expertise are in the following:

  • Determination of elements and element species in environmental samples
  • Element- and molecule specific analysis of metalloproteins
  • Development of new tools for the quantification of selected biochemical indicators (markerproteins) as well as new contaminants of concern
  • Development and application of new analytical tools: CE/ICP-MS, HPLC/ICP-MS, GC/ICP-MS, (Quadrupol, Collision Cell, MS-MS, MC ICP-MS), nano/capillary HPLC/ESI-MS-MS (Triple Quad, QTRAP), MALDI-TOF-TOF
  • Development and application of non traditional stable isotopes for environmental analysis


  • Doctorate, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Institute of Coastal Research, Marine Bioanalytical Chemistry, in cooperation with the University of Lüneburg
  • Diploma in Environmental Science, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, in cooperation with the University of Lüneburg
  • Undergraduate study of Environmental Science, University of Lüneburg (Major: Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Analytics as well as Nature Conservation and Ecology)
  • Undergraduate study of Chemistry, University of Hamburg
  • Academic Secondary School: Luisengymnasium Hamburg-Bergedorf