Ship Emissions

The impact of shipping on air quality - a scenario analysis

On this website the scientific results achieved within the Clean North Sea Shipping Project (CNSS Project) are presented. The project addresses challenges caused by emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases from ships operating along the North Sea coast and within North Sea ports and harbours.

The graphs and short explanations on this website are the outcome of a model study carried out by the Helmoltz-Zentrum Hereon with the Chemistry Transport Model CMAQ .They are ment to illustrate the link between shipping on the North Sea and the air quality within the North Sea neighbouring states. Further. an impression should be given of how shipping and the resulting air quality may develop in the future and how this depends on political or technical conditions.

The impact of shipping on air quality was analyzed through 4 Scenarios presuming different developments of the Emission control area (ECA) in the North Sea and an additional variation presuming the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The model results are presented as emission-, concentration- and deposition maps for all important pollutants.


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