Programme MATRAC 1 School

Application of Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation in Engineering Materials Science

The next school will take place in early spring 2025. The venue for the theoretical course will most likely be in Lauenburg near Hamburg and at PETRA III at DESY in Hamburg and MAX IV in Lund for the practical part. The programme covers all relevant experimental methods using neutrons and synchrotron radiation in materials science in a three-day theoretical course and and two days of hands-on experiments on various diffractometers and tomography stations available at PETRA III and MAX IV. There is the possibility to take an exam to get ECTS credit points.

For your reference we are enclosing the programme of MATRAC 1 - 2023:

Sunday, 12.03.2023
• Introduction lecture and get-together at „Zündholzfabrik“

Monday, 13.03.2023
• Lectures (Fundamentals, Engineering Materials Science, Scattering Theory, Correlation Function, Structure Determination, Real Structure, Defects and Residual Stresses, Nanodiffraction, Imaging and Strain Scanning)
• Poster session

Tuesday, 14.03.2023
• Practical experiments at PETRA III: P03 (Scanning Nanodiffraction), P05 (Imaging, Nano-Tomography), P07 (Dilatometer), P07B (Residual Stress), P21 (In-situ SAXS/WAXS), P61A (Strain Scanning, Energy dispersive diffraction)
• Transfer to Lund (Bus/Ferry)

Wednesday, 15.03.2023
• Lectures (Coherence in Synchrotron Radiation, SAXS/Reflectivity, Combining full-field tomographic imaging with scattering techniques, X-ray Spectroscopy, Ultrafast studies, Coherent Imaging, Survey of synchrotron techniques for surfaces, Introduction and Preparation of Experiments at MAX IV)

Thursday, 16.03.2023
• Practical experiments at MAX IV: Balder (XAS, XES), CoSAXS (SAXS), DanMAX (Powder X-ray diffraction), ForMAX (Imaging, SWAXS)
• Guided tours to ESS

Friday, 17.03.2023
• Lectures (Molecular Biophysics, Scattering techniques for the development of new materials from the forest)
• Student presentations of results of experiments at PETRA III and MAX IV
• Final discussions
• Bus transfer to Copenhagen Airport and Hamburg

MATRAC 1 School Programme 2023 (115 KB)