A focused session and a round table discussion on Multi-scale modelling for design of protective coatings will be organized by VIPCOAT consortium at EUROCORR 2024 read more

European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC)

VIPCOAT consortium will provide contributions to the European Materials Characterisation Council (EMCC) Roadmap, which will be discussed at the joining WORKSHOP of NMBP-35 projects: NanoMECommons, EASI-STRESS and CHARISMA, on January 17, 2024

57th ECCA Autumn Congress - Brussels, 20-21 November 2023

The progress on VIPCOAT project and interrelation of the OIP with the new Coordination and Support Action focused on creation of Digital Materials and Product Passport (DigiPass) will be presented at the ECCA Autumn Congress in November.

OIP-2023 Conference


VIPCOAT consortium together with MUSICODE and OpenModel projects is organizing the OIP-2023 conference on October 19-20 at LIST in Luxembourg. It is a scientific and technical event dedicated to exploring and promoting the principles of open innovation and collaboration in the field of materials modeling, design and manufacturing. The conference serves as a platform for researchers, industry professionals, policymakers, and innovators from Europe and around the world to come together and share their knowledge, insights, and experiences. The primary objective of OIP-2023 is to foster an environment of openness, transparency, and collaboration in materials design and manufacturing. It recognizes that the challenges faced by the industry can be effectively addressed through interdisciplinary collaboration and the sharing of ideas, data, and resources. The conference aims to break down traditional silos and facilitate the exchange of information between academia, industry, and other stakeholders.

35th Conference on Surface Modification Technologies (SMT35)


VIPCOAT partners will participate to the 35th Conference on Surface Modification Technologies (SMT35) will take place from 18th till 22nd September 2023 in Hamburg. read more

European Corrosion Congress (EUROCORR)

2023-02-06 11-12-15_EUROCORR

VIPCOAT consortium organizes the focused joint session and round table “Multi-scale modelling for design of protective coatings” at the European Corrosion Congress (EUROCORR23), which will be held in Brussels, Belgium, in August 27-31, 2023. read more

International Conference of Engineering Against Failure (ICEAF)


JUNE 2023 The University of Patras is organising the 7th International Conference of Engineering Against Failure (ICEAF) in Spetses, Greece from June, 21-23, 2023. The conference aims to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration dedicated to the prevention of technological failure. VIPCOAT consortium contributes with the organization of a session on “Environmentally induced degradation and damage: advanced modeling, characterization and optimization aspects”.

EuroNanoForum 2023

VIPCOAT partners will participate in EuroNanoForum in June 11-14, 2023, to contribute to panel discussions and OITB workshop. read more


VIPCOAT M24 Consortium meeting will be on May 31-June 02. All partners are invited to take place in the meeting. A milestone meeting on Alpha-release of the VIPCOAT OIP is the focus of the M24. The meeting is organizing jointly by SINTEF Ocean and NTNU.

9th ASST Symposium

VIPCOAT will be well represented at the Aluminum Surface Science & Technology Symposium 2023
(ASSTS-2023) on May 21-25 in Stockholm. C. Özkan and N. Abdelrahman will present their scientific achievements at the conference. Many other members of the consortium will provide the contributions to the event. read more

EMMC International Workshop

Picture Emmc-csa

APRIL 2023 From April 26-28, 2023, the 4th EMMC International Workshop on „Materials & Digitalisation: the backbone of the Green Transition“ will take place at the TU in Vienna, Austria. VIPCOAT consortium plays active role in the workshop scientific committee. read more

Collaborative Workshop: Open Innovation Facilitation In Horizon Europe


On 05-06 October 2022, H2020 EU projects VIPCOAT, MUSICODE and OpenModel, invite to the "Open Innovation Facilitation" workshop at the Hanse Office and Representation of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen in Brussels. During the two-day workshop, participants from industry, government, academia and society can expect an interdisciplinary exchange of opinions, requests and new ideas on promotion and development of open innovation processes and supporting tools in the context of new products design based on advanced modeling for materials and environmental sustainability.

The central idea of the presence workshop is to discuss the requirements for Open Innovation Platforms (OIP), which enable knowledge and technology transfer and realize open innovation processes, to be elaborated and systematized by involving all stakeholders from industry, governmental bodies, academia and society. The workshop results form the basis for the development of a digital Open Innovation Framework (OIF) with reference to European Open Science Cloud initiatives as well as content priorities of the European Commission.

Workshop materials
OIP-WS October 2022 Program

Multidisciplinary training

Multidisciplinary training is the part of VIPCOAT strategy on the Continues Professional Development. Two internal workshops on the Software development culture and Best practice, Materials modelling workshop and Nano-containers workshop were provided by different partners in the first half a year.

VIPCOAT-related PhD electrochemical school

Researches from VUB (Tom Hauffman and Herman Terryn ) are organizing an Electrochemical Doctoral School in the end of November 2021. The Doctoral School is open for PhD students and academia / industrial researchers seeking an in-depth understanding of electrochemical phenomena. This year the school does online.
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European Corrosion Congress (EUROCORR)

VIPCOAT consortium organizes the focused session “Modeling Sustainable Active Protective Coatings” at the EUROCORR22 “Corrosion in a Changing World – Energy, Mobility, Digitalization” in Berlin next year. The consortium members Theo Hack (AIRBUS), Arjan Mol (TUD), Herman Terryn (VUB) and Mikhail Zheludkevich (Hereon) will organize the joint event of EFC WP22 (Corrosion Control in Aerospace), WP8 (Physico-Chemical Methods for Corrosion Testing), WP14 (Coatings), and WP6 (Surface Science, Corrosion Mechanisms and Modeling), to bring together scientists and engineers from academia and industry and to share the latest results, developments and innovations related to development of active corrosion protection technologies applied in aerospace and other branches.
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17th OpenFOAM Workshop

VIPCOAT consortium partner WIKKI is organizing the 17th OpenFOAM Workshop, which will be held in Cambridge, UK from 11 to 14 July 2022, at Cambridge University. The Workshop will be organized as a hybrid event allowing participants to join in person or online. This is a great opportunity to present your research to the OpenFOAM Community. Work-in-progress is gladly seen as well. It is also a great opportunity to disseminate the VIPCOAT project to the audience that is heavily involved in simulation techniques. For readers interested enough to join the OpenFOAM Community, contact the Organizing committee at m.horvat@wikki.co.uk or h.jasak@wikki.co.uk

More details about the Venue and Organization can be found here. read more

ECCOMAS Congress 2022

ECCOMAS Congress 2022 accepted VIPCOAT proposal for the organization of a Minisymposium titled “Mathematical models and simulation tools for functional coatings”. Natalia Konchakova (Hereon) Peter Klein (Fraunhofer ITWM) and Heinz A. Preisig (NTNU) will organize the event together with colleagues from academia (Daniel Höche, Hereon, H2020 project OntoTrans) and industry (Ulf Schoeneberg, Evonik Operations GmbH).
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OntoTrans Workshop

VIPCOAT project has been presented on March 16 at OntoTrans First Open Workshop.
Natalia Konchakova, Peter Klein, and Heinz A. Preisig introduced VIPCOAT project and discussed the topic on Active protective coating ontology creation. Some ideas for the cooperation of VIPCOAT and OntoTrans projects have been presented.
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Cooperation Workshop: meeting with OIP projects

On February 17, 2022, VIPCOAT project was presented at the Cooperation Workshop of the OIP-projects organized by OpenModel consortia.
Peter Klein, Heinz A. Preisig and Natalia Konchakova gave an overview and advances of the VIPCOAT project and presented some ideas for technical cooperation in the fields of multi-criteria optimization, interoperability, ProMo and BPMN.
The agenda of the Workshop could be found here

ECCA congress

VIPCOAT project will be presented at the ECCA Congress in Brussels on November 29-30, 2021. Natalia Konchakova and Peter Klein will provide an invited lecture on Modelling Supported Design of Active Protective Coatings.
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Nanotechnoloty2021 conference

Cooperation with OIP projects (MUSICODE and OpenModel) has been started on July 08, 2021 in the frame of the nanotechnoloty2021 conference at the Workshop on Open Innovation and Standardization. Technical cooperation between three Horizon 2020 projects MUSICODE, OpenModel and VIPCOAT, running under call DT-NMBP-11-2020, was discussed at the second workshop on September 01-03, which took place in the hybrid format (as a physical event in Brussels and online).
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1st Corrosion and Materials Degradation Web Conference

Herman Terryn from Vrije Universiteit Brussel presented VIPCOAT at the 1st Corrosion and Materials Degradation Web Conference on May 18 2021. Hermann got the invited lecture “Prediction of Atmospheric Corrosion by FEM Modelling: Challenges and Bottlenecks”, which included focused topic of the project – corrosion modelling.
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At the eSSENCE-EMMC-meeting-2021, on June 07. 2021 the project objectives and general ideas have been presented. VIPCOAT will ensure Sustainable Corrosion Protection through Materials Modelling and Digitalization.
Vipcoat Poster (1,3 MB)

6th International Conference of Engineering Against

VIPCOAT project focus and aims have been presented by the coordinator at 6th International Conference of Engineering Against Failure (ICEAF 6). Natalia Konchakova from Hereon provided the keynote lecture “Modelling Supported Design of New Active Protective Coatings”.
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The VIPCOAT Project received funding from the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 952903