on 4th April 2023, an invited talk “Combined experimental and modelling to predict corrosion and protection properties of coated metals” has been given by Herman Terryn (VUB) at the University of Manchester, UK. Herman contributed to the event “CORROSION@MANCHESTER: 65 years of excellence and impact”.

EMMC2023 Materials & Digitalisation: the backbone of the Green Transition

EMMC2023 Natalia Konchakova

On April 26-28, VIPCOAT consortium partners participated in the EMMC International Workshop on Materials and Digitalization. The partners led the session “Innovation facilitation in Ecosystems supporting the twin green & digital transition”. VIPCOAT project was presented at the poster session. Moreover, our “sister”-projects MUSICODE and OpenModel were presented at the event as well. We discussed with the colleagues from the EMMC and invited speakers the current projects and possible future collaboration. Read more