DESY experiment - nano tomography of LDH coatings



An experiment titled “Leaching by design: synergy between smart nanocontainers and inorganic extenders for active corrosion protection of AA2024” have been successfully carried out by VIPCOAT team on June 09-12. The important results on 3D microstructure images of new coating systems have been collected using SR-nano-CT at PO5 station of DESY. The image data gained in this experiment yields valuable structural information, in particular on LDH structures with a corrosion inhibitor. The experiment supported the improvement of the leaching kinetics understanding for coatings included LDH nano containers. The focus was on collecting knowledge on how the leaching kinetics can be controlled by designing the coating microstructure by introducing soluble extenders to facilitate the formation of interconnected pathways. Five coating systems were investigated: Reference coating with LDH at 10% PVC (pigment volume concentration) without soluble extenders and coatings containing LDH at 10% PVC and two different soluble extenders with 10% and 20% PVC of each one.



European Materials Characterization Council (EMCC) organised with success the session "Advanced materials characterisation: Digitalisation and Materials Innovation Markets on the spot" in EuroNanoForum 2023 main programme (11-13 June). VIPCOAT consortium members Peter Klein (Fraunhofer ITWM) and Natalia Konchakova contributed to the panel discussion of the event. read more

OITB Workshop 2023


On June 14, VIPCOAT consortium was represented by the coordinator at the Open Innovation Test Beds (OITB) workshop at the EuroNanoForum2023 in Lund, Sweden. An announcement and invitation to participate in the OIP-2023 conference organized by three OIP projects: VIPCOAT, MUSICODE and OpenModel were provided at the event.



VIPCOAT project provided three contributions to the scientific program of ESCAPE33 conference, presenting Translation Ontology and a Cloud-based Collaborative Interactive Platform for Dynamic Process Modelling, and discussing the aspects of the Green Transition. Moreover, a technical collaboration of VIPCOAT and MarketPlace projects has been demonstrated at the ESCAPE33. Heinz A. Preisig(NTNU), Vinay Gautam (NTNU), Robert Pujan (NTNU), Peter Klein (Fraunhofer ITWM) and Natalia Konchakova (Hereon) represented the consortium at the conference.

ICEAF-7 Conference


On June 21-23, 2023, Spetses, Greece VIPCOAT consortium organized a session on environmentally induced degradation and damage at the ICEAF-7 conference. Mikhail Zheludkevich (Hereon), Natalia Konchakova (Hereon), Peter Klein (Fraunhofer ITWM) and Heinz A. Preisig (NTNU) participated at the conference to present new modeling results and discuss actual approaches in interoperability of experimental and modeling data sharing along production chain.


On June 27-30, 2023, Salim Belouettar (LIST) got a plenary talk titled “Towards an Open Innovation Concept for Materials Modelling and Design. Case of VIPCOAT, MEDIATE and SUMO EU Projects” at the JOINT EVENT: ICCS26 - 26th International Conference on Composite Structures & MECHCOMP8 - 8th International Conference on Mechanics of Composites
The conference took place at University of Porto, Portugal. The event provided a large forum for industrial specialists and materials scientists / researches working together under advanced materials design and innovations implementation using digital platforms.