Organising Committee

Jens Birch (Linköping University, Sweden), Thorsten M. Gesing (Universität Bremen, Germany), Maths Karlsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), Martin Müller (Hereon/CAU Kiel, Germany),

Local Organisers

Martin Müller (Hereon, Germany)
Klaus Pranzas (Hereon, Germany)
Nicola Kampner (Hereon, Germany)
Jean-François Moulin (Hereon, Germany)
Sebastian Busch (Hereon, Germany)

The School is supported by

Rac - Ohne Rahmen

the Röntgen Angström Cluster which is a collaboration between Germany and Sweden Röntgen Angström Cluster


the BMBF via the Röntgen Angström Cluster