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About us

One postdoctoral researcher and one PhD student are employed to work on the SynchroLoad project. As in most research projects other researchers are of course also involved in ensuring the success of the project.

Diana Krüger - PhD Student

Portrait Diana Krüger.

Diana received a Master's degree in materials science and engineering at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel and started working on the SynchroLoad projekt in June 2016. She is investigating the materials characterisation and analyses the results in correlation with in vitro measurements and in vivo data from animal studies supplied by the project partners at Malmö University.
diana (dot) krueger (at) hereon (dot) de

Dr. Stefan Bruns - Postdoctoral Researcher

Portrait Stefan Bruns

Dr. Stefan Bruns research focuses on the characterization of the physical properties of porous media via 3D and 4D imaging. He completed his PhD at the Philipps-University Marburg in 2013 where he investigated the heterogeneity of chromatography support materials by means of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy. From 2014 until 2019 Dr. Bruns was associated with the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark where he studied the hydrodynamic properties of chalk with synchrotron nanotomography. Since October 2019, Dr. Bruns works at the DESY-outstation of Hereon where he contributes to the SynchroLoad project. His focus is on the deformation tracking for the loading experiments via optical flow. stefan (dot) bruns (at) hereon (dot) de

Dr. Julian Moosmann - Former Postdoctoral Researcher

Portrait Julian Moosmann

Julian received a Diploma (2009) and PhD degree (2015) in physics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. After his PhD he was a postdoctoral fellow at the medical imaging group at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. In 2016 he joined the Institute for Metallic Biomaterials at the outpost of Hereon at DESY where he investigates the failure of biodegradable implants in bone. His research interests include X-ray imaging, tomography, and phase contrast with applications in Developmental Biology and Material Science. With effect of 1st July 2019 Julian moved to the institute for materials physics. He continues to support SynchroLoad with his expertise on tomographic reconstruction and the loading experiments.
julian (dot) moosmann (at) hereon (dot) de

Dr. Björn Wiese (IWE) - Researcher

Portrait Björn Wiese

Björn Wiese was awarded his Bachelor and Masters degree from the FH Flensburg in 2010 and 2012, respectively, after succesfully finishin an apprenticeship as design draughtsman in 2005. During his Masters studies he additionally completed further training as international welding engineer (2011). Björn subsequently joined the Magnesium Innovation Centre at Hereon where he worked on the interaction of CaO and magnesium alloys for his dissertation, which he was awarded in 2016. He further collaborated on other projects in materials research of magnesium. In 2015 he joint the metallic biomaterials institute, where he is docussing on the development of alloys and processes for resorbable and biodegradable implants.

Prof. Dr. Regine Willumeit-Römer - Head of Institute of Metallic Biomaterials

Portrait Regine Willumeit-Römer

Physics studies in Hamburg with dissertation on the structure of ribosomes studied using neutron- and synchrotronradiation. Habilitation in biochemistry at the University of Hamburg as well. The expertise on structural biology was expanded to include the development of biomaterials by investigating biological interface phenomena and implant surface modifications using biomimetic coatings. The current focus of research is set on biodegradable magnesium implants, ranging from fundamental research to clinical applications.
Institute of Metallic Biomaterials