WIRKsam - Project description

The IPCC Special Report "Global Warming of 1.5 °C", published in 2018, has shown that even a warming of 1.5 °C compared to pre-industrial levels will have significant impacts on society. These changes will vary regionally and locally, creating different needs for adaptation. Strengthening Germany's capacities for adaptation and for increasing the climate resilience of ecosystems, the economy, society, cities and settlements, and infrastructure requires well-informed and engaged actors. The actors, e.g. city administrations, infrastructure companies and private enterprises, therefore need information on how the climate will change locally, how the expected changes will affect local communities and what kind of adaptive measures are feasible.

The goal of the BMBF funding measure Regionale Informationen zum Klimahandeln (ReglKlim) ('Regional Information for climate action’) is to develop specific, tailored solutions to support adaptation processes. Within the framework of ReglKlim, supporting services will be co-developed in six inter- and transdisciplinary model regions and two cross-sectional projects. In order to ensure that the locally developed solutions in the model regions and their methodological approaches can be integrated and transferred to other regions facing similar challenges, the scientific coordination project WIRKsam will create the necessary conditions by providing technical coordination and conducting accompanying research.

On this website you will find further information about WIRKsam, our goals, our approach and our project partners. We regularly provide information on the progress of the project and the latest results. You will also find impressions from the daily work in WIRKsam.

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