Helmholtz-RSF Joint Research Group

Helmholtz-RSF Joint Research Group

Materials based on magnesium alloys for bioresorbable implants with anti-tumour activity

The project based on bioresorbable implants addresses a challenging problem of modern-day oncology: the application of local chemotherapy.

This therapeutic approach aims at an efficient concentration of anti-tumour agents in the intra- or peritumoural regions. The tactic chosen, which for the first time utilises biodegradable Mg-based scaffolds, is expected to result in cytoreduction in unresectable and chemoresistant tumours. At the same time, systemic side effects are reduced for the patient.

The use of bioresorbable Mg-based scaffolds in the context of cancer treatment is new and entirely unexplored. The idea is a gradual release of antitumor agents directly into the tumor site or into the bed of the resected tumor for local relapse prevention. The novelty of this concept is a combination of "classic" drug release and the creation of relatively harsh environmental conditions through the degradation of the implant.

The anti-tumor effect of the newly developed implant alloys and their compatibility in the bone tissue will be tested on various tumor cell lines.