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MgBone, short for multimodal imaging for the structural analysis of bone remodelling induced by degradable Magnesium implants, is a "Verbundforschungsprojekt" funded by the German federal ministry for research and education (BMBF). The project has the number 05K16CGB.

Schematic view of project MgBone.

Schematic of the multimodal imaging and analysis chain used in the MgBone project. Source: DCF Wieland/hzg

The MgBone project investigates the influence of the degradation of biodegradable implants on the orientation of bone crystallites and the formation and mineralization of new bone. These parameters are critical for the quality of osseointegration of the implant and the remodelled bone.
A multimodal approach is used in the project; in the first instance, implants will be implanted into rat bones, which will over time be imaged using in vivo und ex vivo high-resolution computed tomography. Subsequently, bone-screw explants will be analysed using three-dimensional X-ray scattering techniques to assess the bone crystal orientation. Additionally, two-dimensional X-ray scattering and histology are used to complement the results.

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